Google Maps Street View Exotic Car Sightings III

Google Rare Cars

This is our third installment in our Google Maps Street View Exotic Car Sightings hunt.  During this series of posts we have traveled the world (well via Google Maps Street View) with the mission of discovering some of the rarest and most expensive cars that were ever captured by the Google car.  You may think that finding an exotic car or two on Google Earth / Maps is not necessarily the most challenging task, but you may be surprised at what goes into a successful exotic car search as there is some strategy involved to consistently find exotic cars.  It starts by the region that you are looking.  For example, the Florida coast and southern California are hotbeds for rare expensive automobiles.  Next, narrow down within this region to cities or zip codes that you think that exotic cars most likely appear.  This probably wont come as a surprise, but we found that you should look at the most expensive cities within your selected region first.  Lists are available online that detail income per capita by state, zip code, city, etc. Now within this small region or city we recommend that you should start at one edge of a shopping or business district and cruise to the other side as well as down each block.  Make sure to click on all four corners of major intersections and pan 360 degrees. Look behind you from time to time as exotic cars can be spotted there as well. Next go into the residential neighborhoods, starting with the ones with the most expensive properties. It helps to reference areal estate  site such as to find out what the home values are in that area.

Google Maps Street View offers some pretty sweet exotic cars that are fun to discover.  Although we have found a few hundred of these rare cars on Google Streetview already, there are untold thousands left to be discovered by you.  Many of the most exotic expensive cars photographed by the Google car are probably going to be found in areas that are not necessarily “hotspots” for exotic car sightings, but rather in average income areas, on long stretches of highway or other non-assuming places.  You may want to reference the second installment of this series for more tips on how to best find exotic cars on Street View.

Don’t be surprised if you find other points of interest along your car hunt.  We stumbled across a couple movie or TV production sets during this search. The first was captured within a quiet California residential neighborhood.  To find this you can go to “307 3rd Street, Laguna Beach, California” in Google Street View.  The second was in a small shopping district in Florida. To find this one type in “441 East Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida”. Best of luck on your exotic car hunt and let us know if you find anything interesting!

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