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Chinese motorcycles have become the most popular alternative to several name brands like Honda, Harley Davidson, MV Augusta, BMW and Kawasaki Ninja. Their popularity on the European market is due to their competitive cost. Although, motorcycles from China are not particularly known for their quality before, but this year several motorcycle manufacturers like Zongshen and Lifan have upgraded their standards. With this new policy, they have manufactured several notable motorcycles. One good example is the Artix Enduro, which is considered to be the fastest Chinese motorcycle in the 125cc category. This particular Enduro bike from Zongshen far exceeded everybody’s expectations. Its acceleration can even rival several of its Japanese counterparts and that makes this motorcycle even more impressive.

Several essential parts of the Artix Enduro like its shock absorbing forks were manufactured by Showa. Also, its rear and front disc brakes came from Galfer which is the best motorcycle brakes manufacturer on the market. Zongshen’s main objective in creating this bike is to compete in the European market. That’s why they manage to keep their prices low, while still delivering respected and branded parts to make it a contender in the 125cc category. Furthermore, the Artix Enduro has a new aerodynamic body that will surely improve its speed and efficiency. Its 125cc engine can pump up 60 mph with ease, so you can expect that it can handle itself on the open roads.

But just like any other motorcycle, you will need to create a maintenance schedule that will address some of the bike’s most important parts. Here are some things that you need to consider, in order to maintain the reliability and performance of your Artix Enduro.

  1. Change your gear and engine frequently; some motor experts would suggest that you need to change the engine oil every three months. This will ensure that the gears and engines are well-lubricated.
  2. Check the condition of your spark plug. If you experience some difficulties in starting your motorcycle, then it would be wise to change your spark plug.
  3. Check the chains of the bike and see to it that it’s not loose. Always put lubricants to maintain its performance.
  4. Examine your tires and replace it if necessary. If you notice a slight change in your bike’s handling, then it’s an indication that you should change the tires right away.
  5. Always wash your bike to maintain its looks and to remove dirt that can cause rusting.

So, if you want a reliable Enduro motorcycle that can compete with other 125cc bikes on the road, then the Artix Enduro is your best option. It’s more affordable than any branded motorcycle in its class and you can easily maintain it.  If you like this Fastest Chinese Motorcycle article then make sure share or post a comment below and say what you think.

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