Ferrari versus Lamborghini

Ferrari Vs Lamborghini

Ferrari vs Lamborghini Supercars

This Ferrari versus Lamborghini info-graphic provides a brief overview these iconic exotic sports car brands. The Ferrari and Lamborghini brands have many similarities including their rich racing history, poor MPG, stratospheric price tags and world class performance capabilities.  Despite these similarities, they both offer two distinct product lines and design philosophies.  In our opinion the Lamborghini typically offers the better appointed interior when compared to the Ferrari, which has been described as a dressed up race car.  However, this depends on which Ferrari and Lamborghini is being compared and scores of enthusiasts would believe the inverse of this perspective.

Another hot topic regards which of these exotic sports car brands has the better design and engineering.  In our opinion the Lamborghini’s edgy more radical design wins the car design contest of the two brands.  Although Lamborghini has launched some spectacular machines such as the Aventador LP700-4, we believe that overall Ferrari currently boasts the superior engineering.  Although we are comfortable stating which brand is superior in specific attributes; we can’t bring ourselves to commit to pronounce which is better overall brand as each is amazing in its own way. Our contradictory perspective includes the belief that Lamborghini has better interiors and exterior design, while the Ferrari is better engineered and the Ferrari 458 Italia is far the most exciting car we have ever driven (although we have not tested the Aventador yet).  The Ferrari vs Lamborghini comparison debate simply comes down to your opinion, so cast your vote below on which brand you think is the best.


Which is the better high-performance auto maker?

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