Top 7 Redneck Motorsports

Redneck Motorsports

It’s good to be a “redneck” these days. Hillbillies haven’t been this popular since the early 1980s when “The Dukes of Hazard” made a fool out of Boss Hogg with their 1969 custom Dodge Charger, “The General Lee.”

The term “redneck” describes a rural American culture, and those who embody the culture are proud of the redneck label. From Kenny Powers, to those bearded duck guys on “Duck Dynasty,” rednecks are electrifying the nation like gators lit up like Christmas trees. With everyone embracing hillbillies nowadays, it’s only natural that Redneck Motorsports have risen to national prominence. Test your hillbilly skills with the Top 7 Redneck Motorsports. Have you mastered any of these racing contraptions, or are you just “all hat and no cattle”?


7.) Trailer Racing

There are trailers built for horses, trailers built for camping, and trailers for hauling machinery and lumber. Trailers are made for loading and transporting just about everything known to man. They’re also “mad fox” awesome for racing around a track at full-speed! Just watch out that you don’t jack-knife that trailer into the side of your truck!


6.) Combine Harvester Demolition Derby

Weighing up to 15,000 lbs and measuring 15 feet across, a combine harvester is a major piece of farm machinery. While city folks are all, “Oh! be careful…blah, blah, blah…safety first,” proud rednecks everywhere are pitting these giant beast-machines against each other in the fighting arena. There will be NO wheat harvested today! No prisoners will be taken, and no quarter will be given! For over 4 hours at a time, hillbillies and their combine harvesters harvest broken machinery and the tears of the defeated!


5.) Swamp Buggy Racing

Swamp buggies were originally invented to help build the Florida Everglades. They were born to navigate the land, water and the muddiest of muds (they were also good at dodging swamp gators). It was only a natural progression to soup-up these bad boys into ultimate racing machines. Now rednecks can play in the mud as “fast and furious” as humanly possible! The first races were officially held in 1949, and have grown in popularity ever since. Even Hollywood legend Gary Cooper embraced his inner hillbilly by racing a swamp buggy on national television through the “Mile O’ Mud”!


4.) Lawn Mower Racing

City folks are like, “Lawn mower racing? But there’s no grass to be mowed on the race track.” Hillbillies are all, “Yeah, no kidding. We’re hillbillies — not stupid! We just like how fast they go!” Don’t worry, they take the blades off to make it “somewhat” safer. Lawn Mower Racing was invented in 1973 in England, but rednecks everywhere have made it their own. The sport is so popular that it’s even been featured on programs such as “King of the Hill” and “Home Improvement.”


3.) Skid Plate Racing

Who really needs the back tires of a front wheel drive, 4-cylinder compact car for racing? Well….not rednecks! They also take a metal plate and weld it to the car’s bottom rim. You may naturally be asking, “Why would anyone do this? Isn’t that unsafe?” Well, of course it’s “unsafe”! That’s the whole point! This metal plate not only creates sparks on the racetrack like it’s a 4th of July picnic, it also causes crazy-cool out-of-control steering! Yee haw!


2.) Truck and Tractor Pulling

Tractor racing has been around since the 1860s when farmers challenged their neighbors to horse tractor racing (“Giddup thar horse!”). In the 21st century, tractor pulls (also known as power pulling) have become the world’s most powerful motorsport. These modern-day tractor behemoths are custom-designed to pull a heavy sled along a track 300 feet long! Tractor pulling is loved by rednecks not only in America, but also Australia, Brazil and the Netherlands.


1.) Mud Racing

It doesn’t get anymore “redneck” than mud racing. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Just get in your tricked-out truck, rev up the engine, and let the mud fly! Rednecks be muddin’!


Which Redneck Motorsport is the Redneckiest?


Which motorsport takes more guts?

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