How to Increase Gas Mileage

Increase Car MPG

With the down economy more and more people are wondering how to increase gas mileage. This is especially true if your daily driver happens to be an SUV, pickup or other gas guzzling vehicle. Although some cars fuel economy is not what they may seem. For instance, the C6 Chevrolet Corvette with its powerful 6.2L 430 HP V-8 engine has been documented to achieve up to 32 MPG highway. This is possible because it has a low drag coefficient (low slung and sleek) and is relatively light-weight with a primarily fiberglass body. Additionally, these surprising fuel economy numbers can be reached by implementing smart fuel economy tips. Learn how to increase gas mileage in your car with the following techniques gathered from such sources as the U.S. Dept. of Energy and FTC.


Do not exceed the speed limit. Generally speaking, gas mileage lessens beyond the 60mph mark.


Do not briskly accelerate and decelerate if possible. Gas mileage can be improved up to 5% with more conservative starts and stops.


Avoid unnecessary idling. Beyond polluting the air, turning off the engine when possible can reduce your gas expenditures.


Utilize your cruise control and overdrive gears on the highway and when appropriate to improve MPG.


Remove non-essential items from your vehicle’s cabin and trunk. For example, an extra 100 lbs in your car can reduce your its fuel economy by 2%.


Try to avoid putting items on your vehicle’s roof or luggage rack since this will create significant wind resistance and decrease your fuel economy by up to 5%.


Having your engine tuned-up according to the manufacturer’s specifications can increase gas mileage by at least 3%.


Properly inflating and aligning your car’s tires will increase fuel economy by 3% or more.


Regular oil changes with the manufacture’s recommended grade of oil can improve you’re your car’s economy.


Use the suggested octane according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Please keep in mind that studies have shown that using octane beyond the manufacture’s recommendation, typically offers no gas mileage benefit.

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