Cops and Donuts – Why Do Cops Like Donuts?

Cops And Donuts


What is the deal with cops and donuts?

There’s always been an almost comical connection between police officers and donuts. So do cops like donuts or is this some kind of urban myth? Based solely on the photo I took at this Greenwich, CT donut shop one could establish that cops do like donuts seeing as how I caught a police officer eating a donut right as I took the picture. Obviously most people enjoy donuts each year but do cops eat donuts more than others? Perhaps no one will ever know, but there are some practical explanations as to why cops like donuts such as:

  • Donut shops are typically located in convenient, centralized areas
  • Donuts are usually coupled with a caffeinated coffee drink so that the cops can stay alert while on duty
  • Donuts are an inexpensive breakfast and/or snack for later in the day
  • Some donut shops are open all day
  • Donuts have carbs and tons of sugar which provide a temporary source of energy

The other interesting thing about my cops and donuts photo is its proximity to amazing cars. A few years ago I flew out to visit a friend in Greenwich Connecticut and one morning we decided to grab breakfast at the local donut shop. Of course this being one of the most affluent areas in the world, the local donut shop was no ordinary experience. Although it in and of itself was pretty average; the thing that made it extraordinary was the fact that it was situated between an Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealership and a Mercedes-Benz, Maybach dealership with  Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and Acura dealerships in very close proximity.  I suspect that there is no other Dunkin’ Donut location that is in such close proximity to a sea of amazing cars. The Google StreetView screenshot shows a $1.7 million dollar Buggati Veyron parked at the dealership to the left of the donut shop and the other screetshot shows a Maybach parked within a sea of high-end Mercedes to the right of the donut shop.


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