Wicked SRT Viper Wrapped in Black Mamba Snakeskin

Viper Snakeskin Wrap

In some cases, a car’s name being literally translated into its aesthetics will come off as embarrassing to both you and your car. Do you really want your Jaguar looking like a giant orange tabby cat? Didn’t think so. That is certainly not the case with the new Black Mamba snakeskin wrap from Identity Design. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but it’s not real snake skin — that would take A LOT of snakes! Instead it’s a high-quality vinyl vehicle wrap that brilliantly plays off of the Viper’s name and serpent-like design cues to take the aesthetics a big step further. The snake skin Viper car wrap not only looks like real snake skin, its textured finish amazingly feels like the real deal too. Slithery!

Vinyl car wraps are becoming progressively more popular as they offer complete vehicle protection from scratches, chips and general weathering. These car wraps are a smart way to protect your prized ride since they last for several years and peel away without damage to the paint. Many high-end car owners are opting for car wraps these days as it can afford them with an entirely new look without having to get a paint job. It can also provide decorations for events like the Gumball 3000, and even allow drivers to properly badge their car with numbers and sponsors for participation in auto racing events. Car wraps are becoming more daring, such as the all-chrome look that is picking up popularity. Even teen sensation Justin Bieber has a chrome wrap on his Fisker Karma, but don’t let that detour you from getting one. Car wraps are still cool even though Justin Bieber uses one.

Despite all of the innovative vehicle wrap styles out there today, the new Black Mamba snakeskin SRT Viper wrap is by far our favorite. Check out the videos below and if you enjoy this article then please click Like or Tweet and share with your friends!


Snake Skin SRT Viper Wrap Video:


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