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CARiD Releases Camaro Predator Grille with DAC Technology

Chevrolet’s Camaro has always been America’s sweetheart, and when GM introduced the new 5th generation Camaro in 2010, it was an instant hit, both critically and in dealer showrooms. California-based DJ Grilles has just introduced a stunning new front grille treatment that dramatically transforms the Camaro’s front facade, giving it a much more compelling high-tech look. Replacing the original plastic egg-crate grille, the black stainless mesh substrate accentuates the 304 stainless surround that hoods the headlights. It’s a real eye-turner.

A sinister D-shaped 30”-long opening, deliberately left free of the protective mesh, is mirrored by a similar opening in the lower grille. Those openings are more than just a styling—they’re the key to the Predator’s potential to unleash the Chevy Camaro’s power.

For access to the headlights or just for a different look, there’s a pair of easily-removable headlight doors. The doors are held shut with a single race-inspired quarter-turn fastener, making removing or installing them a tool-free operation that will take less than a minute. A key chain-perfect removal and installation tool is included—and that tool also functions as a bottle opener. For the discriminating buyer, there’s even the option of custom-matching the color of the trim to your car’s paint scheme or wheel accent color, including not only bright chrome, brushed chrome, bright satin or, or course, your custom paint color. The open area below the mesh grilles funnels cool air directly from the high-pressure area in front of the car into the radiator, lowering cooling system and under hood temperatures substantially.

But that’s only part of the huge contribution to performance you can realize by installing the Predator DAC System.

Once the original plastic factory egg-crate grilles have been removed and the Predator Grille is in place, you can install the Phase II Falcon Ram Intake system.

The Falcon Ram Air System’s molded plastic ducting replaces the restrictive air cleaner and duct-work with a cold-air tunnel that routes over the top of the radiator and into a unique low-restriction air cleaner. From there it goes directly into the throttle body, dramatically increasing power and response. DJ Grilles reports 20-30 more horsepower and 22-35 ft.-lbs. of torque with no other changes to your car. If you’re willing to re-tune the ECM to handle the huge increase in inlet air, you can expect 25-35 more hp. and 35-45 more ft.-lbs.

How can they do that? It’s simple: the stock air intake breathes hot air from inside the engine compartment, which starves the engine of oxygen and makes it run hotter. Cold air, like the air fed directly into the intake by the Falcon duct-work, is denser than the same volume of hot air, and that means more oxygen to burn inside the engine. But it just gets better: because the air intake is situated in a high-pressure zone, as the vehicle picks up speed, more and more cool outside air is forced into the engine. This means faster your Chevrolet Camaro goes, the more your performance will improve.

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