A Timeline of Cars in Movies

Best Movie Cars

For guys like us, cars just make movies better.  Cars and movies have gone together well since the early days of Hollywood blockbuster movies simply because audiences can’t get enough of them.  Whether the movie car is involved in an extreme car chase, or the car has supernatural abilities, or it’s driven by a superhero, or whatever the case may be; the right cars add an interesting dimension to movies that effectively sell a lot more tickets.  Take the car movie Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 version) which perhaps didn’t have the strongest plot or Academy Award winning acting, but more importantly (to car guys like us) was packed with incredible automotive “eye candy” and intense car chases.  Our favorite car movie is Bullitt featuring a sweet dark green 1968 Ford Mustang 390.  Cast your vote below on which movie film you think is best.

The Timeline of Cars in Mov


Which movie car is the coolest?

Best modern car movie? (1980-Present)

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