Nissan GT-R Racetrack Driving Experience from Xtreme Xperience

Drive A GTR

I recently participated in an amazing Nissan GT-R Racetrack Driving Experience from Xtreme Xperience at the Hallett Racing Circuit.  I’ve driven a variety of Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and other exotic cars in the past and frankly expected the GT-R to be subpar by comparison.  I was so wrong.  The Nissan GT-R was fast…scary fast.  Although the car handled beautifully, it only took just one glance at the speedometer as I approached the end of a straightaway to signal my brain to release copious amounts of adrenaline.  With its fighter jet like acceleration, the Nissan GTR was such a memorable car to drive, although it featured some other cool elements as well.   The Nissan’s touch screen multifunction display was so neat to see as it displayed boost, acceleration stats, braking levels, steering inputs, etc. The GTR was a joy to drive and I’d strongly recommend it for anyone considering attending an Xtreme Xperience event in your area.  You can learn more about what they have to offer then visit their website here:


Xtreme Xperience Nissan GT-R Pictures:


Xtreme Xperience Nissan GT-R Racetrack Driving Experience Video:


Do you consider the Nissan GT-R a supercar?

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