Lamborghini Gallardo LP550 Experience at Exotics Racing Vegas

Drive A Lambo

At Exotics Racing of Las Vegas I had the privilege of racing a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550 around a curvacious race track and accompanied by a pro racing instructor.  This Italian beast was very intense to drive.  From the amazingly fast acceleration to the loud engine howls, this exotic car was an absolute blast to drive.  As the race instructor  continuously pushed me to drive faster and faster with his instruction, the Lambo maintained my confidence that it could handle the increased speeds and sharper maneuvers.  I was impressed with how this beautiful white Lamborghini Gallardo LP550 stayed completely glued to the road around fast turns and pressed my back hard to the seat as I stomped the gas peddle.  Since I am 6ft 3in I opted to not drive Exotics Racing’s Gallardo LP570 since the fixed racing seat could prove difficult for a person of my stature to sit comfortably.  Check out the Las Vegas Exotics Racing selection of Lamborghini’s to race.  Exotics Racing Lamborghini’s


Lamborghini Gallardo Pictures:

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