Are Cars Getting Bigger?

Are Cars Getting Larger

Are cars getting bigger in recent years? Yes, in the past 25 years or so cars have increased in size, although there are many contributing factors to this trend. First of all, there is likely a correlation between the rate of obesity and the ever increasing average size of cars and trucks. Obviously larger folks are going to prefer to purchase vehicles that comfortably accommodate their bodies and their overweight friends and family.

Another culprit for the increase in average vehicle size is due to modern society’s unrelenting quest for automobile safety. The simple truth is that larger cars are generally safer than smaller cars. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader preached that larger cars are safer since there is more bulk to protect the occupant(s). Numerous studies have also proven this point. Modern cars now feature increasingly sophisticated crumple zones, side impact beams and taller roof lines to score better in rollover testing – which all add to increased vehicle mass.

Amenities and roominess seems have always been appreciated by car buyers, but nowadays cars are getting more interior and exterior amenities and gadgets each year and to pack those in requires more vehicle mass.

The size of cars has fluctuated overtime for a variety of reasons. The first automobiles were actually quite small, but flash forward to the mid 1920’s and many sedans were remarkably long such as the Model J Duesenberg’s that reached nearly 21 feet in length. Cars fairly swiftly decreased in size after the 1970’s energy crisis in an effort to reach better fuel economy, although have been rebounding since the late 1980’s. So where are cars headed? We think that average car size will continue to increase since the pursuit for car safety and increased government regulation shows no signs of slowing, although perhaps 15 years or so from now it will level off.

Below is an infographic that shows some examples of cars that have progressively becoming larger over time. Post a comment below and say what you think about cars getting larger over time.

Are Cars Getting Larger?

Average Car Sizes Over Time

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