The Real Lightning McQueen Car?

Disney Cars Movie McQueen

A couple months ago I arrived at my friends house in my red Corvette. As I went inside to sit down for dinner I noticed that Sam, my friends enthusiastic two year old, was proudly sporting Lightning McQueen jammies and clutching his prized Lightning McQueen blankie.  I commented on Sam’s cool shirt and blanket as he subsequently smiled with pride.  Evidently at this point Sam and his older sister Ava had only seen the Cars movie once, but that was enough took hook them.  Although they like the other car characters in the Cars movie,  Lightning McQueen is by far their favorite.  I don’t recall why we all paraded outside after dinner but regardless, Sam and Ava’s attention was immediately drawn to what they thought was the real Lightning McQueen car in the driveway.   This was quite humorous to me as I never associated it with Lightning McQueen and don’t see a lot of resemblance despite it being a red sports car, but they were convinced and delighted to be in its presence.  The attached pictures capture their enthusiasm for being able to sit in “the real Lightning McQueen car”.   If your kids like the movie Cars, then you may want to subtly encourage them to favor other characters like Grem (AMC Gremlin) or Mater (beat-up truck) as opposed to Lightning McQueen (Nascar, or Red Corvette in my case), Nigel Gearsley (Aston Martin DB9) or Prince Wheeliam (Bentley Continental GT).  This way your kids will perhaps be influenced to desire a much more affordable car come time for them to start driving.


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