Interesting and Funny Garage Door Murals

Funny Garage Door Murals

Can’t afford to make your friends and neighbors jealous with a new Maserati, classic red Corvette, new yellow Lamborghini or perhaps a ski boat? No problem! Now you can simply slap on an adhesive photo cover to your garage door(s) to create a deceptively realistic garage mural.  If you’re still not convinced that this will make your neighbors jealous then you may want to opt for an Indy Car, private jet or even a pallet of gold bars.  Some of the garage door murals should probably not be installed on garages that face busy streets since it will certainly cause motorists to take a very confused and sometimes alarmed double-take. For instance, motorists can gaze upon a military tank pointed outward or a large dump truck wedged into the garage sideways.  If you can’t find a design you like then you can evidently send the retailer any digital image to place on your garage door. Post a comment and voice your opinion of these interesting and funny garage door murals.


Garage Door Mural Pictures:

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