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Cars That Should NEVER Make a Comeback

1 of 10 Ferrari Mondial

Ferrari Mondial

You’ve probably seen articles about cars which were so great they definitely need to make a comeback. This is not one of those articles. These cars were so terrible that a new generation should never see the light of day again. They were horrid in more ways than one, and earned a spot in our ten cars that should never make a comeback list.

Looks alone, the Mondial doesn’t deserve to be on this list. The rear end looks disproportionate and slightly weird, but the front isn’t all that bad. It’s got popup headlights, and we all know that a car with popup headlights is at least slightly cool. Unfortunately, the Mondial is one of the slowest Ferraris ever made. The first iterations made just 214 horsepower from a 3-liter V8. Ferrari realized the mistake and subsequently upped the horsepower rating to 300, but even that wasn’t brilliant. Couple that with numerous reliability issues the Mondial had and you get why it made the cut on our list. Used prices for Mondials are ridiculously cheap these days, and for a good reason.

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