1955 GMC 100 Suburban Carrier Video

As one of only 300 1955 Suburban Carriers produced, this immaculately restored, reference grade GMC features some of the coolest and most innovative design to ever leave GM’s storied Argonaut styling studios. Logging just under 200 miles since a complete 2010 frame off nut and bolt restoration, this 1955 Suburban Carrier is one of the finest GMC trucks in the world. It’s rock solid, highly stylized panels have been professionally sprayed in a date correct Dover White and Flame Red color combination which highlights the trucks classic appeal while not appearing comically overdone like many 50s restorations. While the Suburban Carrier was designed to appeal to more sophisticated buyers than the average GMC, it was still intended as a working vehicle, and it’s newly strengthened chassis was heavily promoted in GMCs 1955 marketing materials. That adherence to strength and rugged execution makes for great panel fit which gives the sculpted body an expressly handsome profile. This particular Suburban Carrier was in fact a V8 truck, it’s original 288 ‘Strato Steak’ has been swapped for a more powerful 1958 Pontiac ‘Tempest’ V8 that measures 370 cubic inches, runs a modest 8 to 1 compression ratio and produces 240 horsepower. At the top of the motor a correct Rochester two barrel carburetor sits under a correct satin black air cleaner. Below that carburetor, the Pontiac block presents a chip free coat of dark green paint and still wears its correct Pontiac valve covers. At the front of the engine, a correct radiator sends water through fresh hoses and at the back of the engine, a correct points distributor sends fire through Delphi Packard wires. At the sides of the motor cast iron exhaust manifolds send spent gases into a free flowing true dual exhaust system, and on the firewall, you’ll find a new washer fluid bottle and great looking battery topper. General Motors new for 1955 ‘Task Force’ truck line was designed to sell on looks, but it was also one of their most capable designs to date. The sturdy full parallel frame boasted six cross members instead of the previous trucks four, and it featured expanded track dimensions with longer front and rear leaf springs. At the front of this ’55 GMC you’ll find a rigid GM F022 axle that when combined with GM’s robust SS H033 Hypoid 10 bolt rear end allowed this truck to go places and haul things that would make other trucks weak in the knees. The transmission is a premium Hydra-Matic 4-speed automatic, which greatly increases driving characteristics and provides smooth acceleration, and exhaust is handled by a welded true dual system that runs from cast iron manifolds to rear mounted turbo mufflers with aluminized tips. For the sake of authenticity, the trucks manual steering was preserved, but a new frame mounted brake booster feeds upfitted power front disc brakes and upgraded power rear drums. At the corners, Flame Red 15 inch steel wheels wear modern 215/75 front and 235/75 rear American Classics white wall radials. Climb inside this GMCs completely restored interior and you’re immediately enveloped in a bright and airy cockpit that is both simple and timeless. The correct red and white upholstery is an excellent mixture of vinyl and cloth that is draped over a completely rebuilt bench seat and extended onto slick looking stainless trimmed arm rests. Behind those stainless trimmed arm rests, correct two tone doors hold new chrome window cranks, and new chrome door handles. In front of the seats, a smooth and clean two-tone dash holds a simple aluminum instrument binnacle above chrome knobs for the trucks accessories and a correct GMC AM radio. In front of the driver, a correct two-tone steering wheel is topped by a pristine chrome trimmed GMC horn button and sits on a red column above a GMC Truck Hydra-Matic shifter and gear indicator. New correct carpet is underfoot, and a fantastic looking white headliner sits between a stylized dome light and a roof mounted speaker. If you’re a GMC fan, an old truck enthusiast, or just someone who wants to drive something nobody’s ever seen before, this ’55 GMC is your hot ticket!

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