Is the 1969 Citroen DS 21 the most beautiful car of all-time?

The 1969 Citroen DS 21 is perhaps the ultimate French luxury car. It represents the best (and some would say worst) of French Automotive technology, design and research and development. Think of it as France’s automotive equivalent of sending a man to the moon. Here a short list just some of the unique features that 1969 Citroen DS 21 helped pioneer: Adjustable and self-leveling suspension that allows the car to drive on only three wheels an can raise and lower the car from 3 to 14 inches – Headlights that steer up to 80 degrees – Aerodynamic futuristic body design – Hydraulic suspension, clutch and even transmission This just a short list of features that make the Citroen DS such iconic car. In fact many would say the Citroen DS features the world’s most influential auto design. It was named the most beautiful car of all time by the prestigious Classic and Sports car Magazine. Check out the this video as we show you what makes the 1969 Citroen DS 21 such an iconic car.

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