$2.3 Million Dollar McLaren Speedtail Hyper GT!

Wow, the McLaren Speedtail is finally here! After years of speculation and development McLaren has lifted the covers off Speedtail – a new Hyper GT with over 1000bhp and only 1430kg of weight. The new McLaren Speedtail is the fastest McLaren ever made – capable of accelerating from 0-186mph in an incredible 12.8 seconds! As a spot of context that is 30% faster than the McLaren P1 to the same speed!

The McLaren Speedtail takes a new approach compared to previous Ultimate Series cars from the supercar manufacturer. Instead of chasing downforce figures, Speedtail is all about straight line performance combined with the art of grand touring. At 5.2 meters long it is an incredibly large car compared with conventional supercars, but it’s length provides high speed stability and is countered also by it’s unique practicality…

With a distinct nod to the McLaren F1 supercar built by the brand over 30 years ago, the Speedtail adopts the same 3 seat configuration in the cockpit, crucially positioning the driver directly in the centre of the car allowing for the perfect driving position and space for a further 2 passengers either side of the central drivers seat.

McLaren have yet to announce the exact engine specification of the Speedtail, but we do know it is a hybrid drivetrain developing a combined 1050ps capable of propelling the car bond 250mph!

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