2013 Infiniti IPL G Convertible 0-60 MPH Drive Review

The new 2013 Infiniti IPL G convertible is one of the most expensive and fastest Infiniti models that you can purchase today. Just like the letters AMG, M and RS, the letters IPL mean that Nissan as taken a stock Infiniti G37 hardtop convertible and turned into the Infiniti’s handling and performance flagship. And with 343 horsepower being churned out from the IPL-tuned 3.7 liter DOHC 24-valve VVEL V-6 engine, there’s enough power to make the 2013 Infiniti IPL G hardtop convertible very fasT indeed. But is it fast and sharp enough to compete with letters such as AMG and M. Watch this 0-60 MPH Drive and review to find out.

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