2020 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Detailed Review

When BMW had the 8-Series in their lineup over 20 years ago, it was well known for its timeless design, powerful V8 and V12 engine options, and luxurious cockpit. After an over two-decades-long hiatus, the 8-Series is back with a vengeance and buyers can choose between the 2020 840i, M850i, and newly introduced M8. Coupe and convertible body styles remain, while the sexy new M850i Gran Coupe stretches the body lines by 9 inches to give you a more imposing stance and way more space in the back seat and trunk. The result? One of the sexiest new cars on the market today and a look that is even more gorgeous versus the 6-series Gran Coupe predecessor.  The new BMW 8-Series range expands with the arrival of a four-door sports car for the luxury segment.  BMW wants you to know that the 8-series is back and even better than before.

With how unexpectedly fast this BMW M850i Gran Coupe is, its crazy to think how fast the new BMW M8 will be!  Would the BMW M850 Gran Coupe be your pick over the Mercedes CLS, Mercedes GT, Audi S7/RS7, Porsche Panamera or any others?  Let us know in the comments below!

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