Amazing Classic Triumph Cars Video

There is certainly no classic car quite like the Triumph. In this video we explore a hand-picked selection and take a front seat as they’re put through their paces, including classic and iconic models; the Stag, TR2, TR7, Herald and schoolboy dream Spitfire. We also discuss the rich history that lies behind each featured model. This collection of Triumph saloon cars is limited to the 1960s and 1970s, plus a sprinkling of related estates and coupes. While the Triumph sports-cars (TRs, Spitfires, GT6s) were the “glamour” models within Triumph/British Leyland showrooms across the country, it would be the saloons (and related estates and coupes) that most Triumph-owning families experienced first-hand.
All the popular saloon cars of the era are featured – including the Herald, Vitesse, Toledo, 2000, 2500, Dolomite, 1500 and fwd 1300 in their various guises and trim levels (the Triumph Acclaim of 1981-1984 is outside of this classic car video’s timeline but does feature in other compilations on this channel).
In addition to the regularly-encountered Triumphs of the 1960s/1970s, I’ve included a few one-offs, including a prototype four-door Herald (a four-door version was offered to the Indian market, but never in the UK), a Herald fastback, and the sole factory-built Vitesse coupe sold to the public.
Probably my favorite of all the Triumphs included in this selection is the very early Herald, registration XOY 622, a very nicely preserved Herald with the 948cc engine. The 2.5 estate right at the end is also a wonderful machine.

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