Morgan 3-Wheeler In-Depth Tour

I can finally reveal to you the new car in the Shmee fleet, a Morgan 3 Wheeler finished in ‘Shmee blue’. The car was collected from Morgan’s factory in Malvern, and immediately went to Dub Customs where it received the makeover using the latest 3M materials, before being presented here alongside the Shmeemobile McLaren 12C. It is with huge thanks to all of those involved that this has been made possible: Morgan Motor Cars for making everything work and having the car ready for all the filming, of which I have videos coming showing the collection process and tour of the factory, for you to see what it’s like from an owner’s perspective. Dub Customs for wrapping it in such a quick timeframe to keep everything secret before this reveal just like we did before with the McLaren! There will be a full video showing you the conversion from Willow Green to Shmee Blue in the near future. 3M for the ‘Shmee Blue’ material used on the new car, the latest technologies making it so easy to work with and pain free to install. The Morgan Adventure starts here!

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