Morgan 4/4 Sports Car Test Drive

Driving and owning a Morgan 1600 (built 1985) Morgan 4/4 was the Morgan Motor Company’s first car with four wheels. It appeared in 1936. Its model designation “4-4” (later “4/4”) stood for four wheels and four cylinders. Earlier Morgans had been three-wheelers, only, typically with V-twin engines. Apart from a break during World War II (and the period March 1951 to September 1955) the 4/4 has been in continuous production from its debut right up to the present day. Engine capacity has increased from the 1,122 cc Coventry Climax engine in 1936 to a 1.8-litre Ford engine in 2004, although it is currently back down to 1,595 cc. The car was updated in 1968 to become the 1600 with two- and four-seat open bodies available. Here are some of the changes that pertain to the 1600: Ford Kent Crossflow engine The 4/4 1600 was introduced in February 1968 fitted with a variety of Ford 1599 cc Kent engines of type 2737E (70 bhp), type 2737GT (95.5 bhp) and type 2265E (95.5 bhp) from 1971 and a Ford four-speed gearbox. A total of 3513 were built by March 1982. Fiat Twin-Cam engine Introduced in November 1981 was a 98 bhp (73 kW; 99 PS) Fiat 1584 cc twin-cam engine and five-speed Fiat gearbox. 96 were built by November 1985. Ford CVH engine Introduced in March 1982 with a Ford 1597 cc CVH engine and Ford four-speed gearbox until 1984, then a Ford five-speed gearbox from Ford Sierra. From 1986 steering was changed from the original cam and peg to a Gemmer recirculating ball system. 1652 were built by November 1991. Ford CVH EFI engine From November 1991 a 100 bhp (75 kW; 101 PS) Ford 1597 cc CVH engine with electronic fuel injection was used. 187 were built by January 1993, when the 1800 version was introduced.

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