Tesla Model S P85+ 0-60 MPH Performance Review

The Tesla Model S P85 is a revolutionary car that says goodbye to the internal combustion engine and hello to the electric motor. In other words, the Tesla Model S does away with 100 years of automotive development and brings back the auto industry to its roots of battery powered cars. A few months ago we test the Model S from 0-60 MPH. The car was fast but not as fast as we hoped. Many viewers comment that we should have tested it with the traction control disabled. So when we had the chance to try the very top model, the Tesla Model S P85+ from 0-60 MPH. We jumped on the opportunity. In another accurate, fun and informative Quick Take review Roman finds out just how fast the Tesla will go from 0-60 MPH at a mile above sea level with the traction control system turned off.

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