The Legendary BMW E30 M3

There are no substitutes for an E30 M3, and for Gabor Mester, no ordinary M3 would cut it. Gabor had his heart set on the specific M3 that started him down the path of BMW: a car that belonged to the parents of a childhood friend. Walking through his friend’s garage one day and spotting this M3 instantly turned teenage Gabor into a car guy, who from that day forward took every possible opportunity to see and even wash the car. The dream of owning those ’80s flares, boxy lines, and a screaming S14 came true after many years (and a bit of convincing) when the car was ready to be handed to the next generation of E30 appreciators. Now Gabor’s E30 M3 love affair has been raging for seven years with no signs of stopping.

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