100 MPH Custom RC Car

So close to 100mph! It went 99.6mph, I think I need a higher C rated battery. It flipped and broke part of the front splitter so I’m going to make a few changes and try it again. So here is the setup: Shortened XO-1 chassis, it’s now a 1/8th scale car so I can use an OFNA McLaren body. Mamba Monster 2200kv motor, not the XO-1 motor. 6s Lipo 29t pinion 46t spur Futaba gyro I ended up removing the rear wing because it caused too much drag. Even without the wing the car still ended up flipping, you can see at the end of the video the car goes airborne and does about 3 flips in the air at about 80-90mph. Also, the numbers on the timers aren’t from this car, it’s too low to trip the sensors so I can’t get a reading for a 1/4 mile run.

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