1965 Superformance Mk III Shelby Cobra Video

Check out this informative tour of a 1965 Superformance Mk III Cobra as well as a test drive! I knew going in that the MKIII R would be freaky quick. But all that power tugging around just 2,450 pounds makes the MKIII R silly quick. Or is that stupid quick? And the complete lack of a roof and tiny windshield means that every time you goose the throttle you’re making silly and stupid faces, as the thrust — or at least the sensation of thrust — defies convention. It’s crazy, psychotic and violent. Thrillingly so. Put another way, I’ve been dreaming about punching a Cobra as hard as possible since I was ten years old. The MKIII R and its ludicrous Roush motor surpassed my childhood fantasies. And I was a complete nut in my youth. The one aspect that should have been obvious from the four months (if not longer) of my life I’ve spent staring at pictures of Cobras — but totally wasn’t until I drove one — is the sound. Yeah, sure, big V8 engined cars with massive headers collecting into even more massive short pipes are going to burble like no one’s business. But notice in the pictures how the side-exhaust tip is lined up almost perfectly with your ear. Meaning that every semi-hefty boot of the throttle is rewarded with a bellowing, blistering belch from the big block that’s surely one of life’s finer pleasures. It’s like a handgun blast run through a distortion pedal — but better. The noise is juvenile and intoxicating and just flat out incredible. Honestly, it’s the most gloriously aggressive exhaust note I’ve ever heard.

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