1984 Ford LTD Police Car Video

If you’re looking for a unique collector car that will start a conversation anywhere you take it, this 1984 Ford LTD police car is your hot ticket! Exceptionally maintained throughout its entire life and likely refurbished at some point as a public relations show piece, this 1984 Greenville County, South Carolina police car is in outstanding, era correct condition. Deep and glossy black lacquer paint hints that a detailed cosmetic restoration was likely completed many years ago and its weather stripping is supple, its doors close tightly and there are no rattles or squeaks anywhere to be found. The car’s rust free body is as straight as when it left the factory displaying no blemishes or parking lot dings and its rich black paint is devoid of any major flaws. Based on appearance alone, it’s safe to assume this LTD was one lucky car which didn’t see much extreme use at all and, since its restoration, likely hasn’t been outside of a garage for more than a few hours at a time. Do I really need to tell anyone about the Mustang 5.0 in this car? I don’t think there’s another engine on the planet that has spawned a larger aftermarket parts development industry. For the LTD LX and LTD Police package, the 5.0 utilizes electronic fuel injection to produce 165 horsepower and create what many believe is the first true European inspired American sports sedan. Virtually indestructible, these engines have the potential to deliver astounding amounts of power despite maintaining very docile and civilized street manners. The 5.0 in this LTD is completely factory from its stainless air cleaner to its silver oil pan; and it creates a smooth, muted exhaust note which is so quiet you’ll have people checking the fenders again to make sure they read the “5.0” emblems correctly. Backing that tough 5.0 up is a standard Ford AOD 4-speed automatic transmission which combines with a police package exclusive 3.08 Traction-lok rear end to deliver good performance and surprising fuel economy. Around that drivetrain, a solid LTD LX performance suspension is upfitted with heavy duty hardware, 600 pound front coils, 270 pound rear coils and thick front and rear sway bars which reduce roll. Ford’s factory power steering helps flatten the curves, and heavy duty power 10 inch front disc and 10 inch rear drum brakes provide quick and precise stops. The satin black floors and frame are extremely clean, and there’s no evidence that this car has ever been wrecked, repaired or significantly altered in any way. At the corners, 14 inch black factory steel wheels wear great looking stainless center caps inside of modern 205/70 front and rear M+S radials. Inside the car, an optional gray cloth interior looks great and displays no signs of extreme wear and tear. The cloth seats are every bit as soft as they look, and help to create a driving environment that, despite all of its extra police equipment, is uncompromised and ready for long road trips. Between the seats, two center armrests sit behind a virtual collage of radio and electronic equipment which still functions just as well as it did back in 1984. Below the seats, an easy to clean vinyl floor features optional carpeted mats that perfectly match the cars solid and tight mouse fur headliner. At the center of the car, a vintage cage holds a correct gun rack, and at the sides of the car, great looking vinyl and carpet door panels feature chrome window cranks below chrome trimmed door handles which function according to which side of the law, and subsequently, which side of the cage you’re on. At the front of the car, a square wood trimmed dash props a blue Signal Stat teardrop light above controls for the cars HVAC and tape deck. In front of the passenger, optional auxiliary gauges keep an eye on oil pressure and water temperature, and in front of the driver, an LTD LX/Police car exclusive 140 MPH speedometer sits behind a black three spoke steering wheel. Whether you’re stepping out to a cool Friday night cruise in or sprinting out for a Saturday morning run to your favorite pastry shop, this LTD is guaranteed attract fans and draw stares.

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