1988 Eagle Premier Dealer Introduction Promo Commercial

This is Part 1 of the Eagle (formerly AMC) Dealers introduction to the Premier. 45,546 cars were produced in 1988. The Premier was a joint designed car between AMC and i, Renault who at the time had slightly more than 50% ownership of AMC. The car is based off the Renault 25. The major styling differences were made by Giorgetto Giufiaro of Turin Italy. The Premier differs from the 25 in front end styling and a trunk rather than the 25’s Hatchback design. Most of the interior design wad done by Richard Teague, the former design head of AMC. The aquisitioni of AMC by Chrysler gave Chrysler a car with Independant front and rear suspensions as well as a front drive car with a longitude designed engine rather than a transverse mounted engine. Chrysler would have had to spend millions to play catch up with Ford and GM in this area. They didn’t have those combinations on any Chrysler Product. This car served as the basis of the LH series of Cars that Chrysler launched in 1993.

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