1990 Chevrolet Callaway Corvette Aero Body Convertible in Steel Blue

Steel Blue w/Black interior, 350/390+hp, Twin Turbo, 6-spd manual transmission. If you wanted the “ultimate” Corvette back c.1987, you simply walked into your local Chevrolet dealer and check RPO B2K on the order form. What that got you was a stock Coupe or Convertible that was shipped from the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, KY. to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, CT. Once there, the stock 350ci engine was removed and twin turbos were installed and tested, the cars were then shipped to dealers for delivery. Dealer repairs of the Callaway Twin Turbo option were covered by the standard GM, 12-month/12,000 mile warranty with Callaway Cars Inc., reimbursing the dealers for time and materials on repairs. This was the first and only time were GM has had a factory orderable non-GM performance enhancement on the Corvette. On the performance side, the 1987 production version of the Callaway Twin Turbo B2K option provided 345 HP/465 Ft. Lb of Torque, on a stock car with a top speed of 178 MPH. The price of the B2K option was $19,995.00 that raised the total price just over $50,000. This brought the Corvette into the performance category of Ferrari and Lamborghini which cost in the range of $100,000-$175,000. For 1988, Callaway increased the stock performance of the Twin Turbo Corvette, producing 382 HP/586 Ft.Lbs of Torque. The 1988 B2K was also optioned on only 7 of the 35th Anniversary cars; making them one of the rarest Corvettes ever built. On the performance front, as the years passed Callaway continued to increase the performance of the B2K option. By 1991, the stock Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette produced 403 HP/575 Ft.Lbs of Torque, providing a top speed of 192 MPH. In 1990, GM introduced the ZR-1 Corvette which obtained similar performance characteristics as the Callaway Twin Turbo option (and at a similar price) with a normally aspirated engine beginning the demise of the Twin Turbo B2K. The GM contract with Callaway for factory ordered (B2K) Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes concluded in the 1991 production year. At that time, GM focused its efforts on promoting the ZR1 Corvette, which was internally produced by GM in cooperation with Lotus. Lotus designed the LT5 engine and Mercury Marine manufactured the blocks. This very nice Callaway is #50 of only 58 built in ’90. The color combination of Steel Blue Metallic with Black interior was very rare and only available in ’90-91. Factory options include the Preferred Equipment Group, Selective Ride and Handling, Sports Seats w/power passenger seat, Delco Bose CD Audio System and Engine Oil Cooler. The car is also equipped with the ultra rare Callaway installed Solar Coated Windshield, Dymags wheels and Aerobody Kit!

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