1992 Jaguar XJS Convertible Quick Look

If the XJS caught your eye back in the early 1990s but paying $68k simply wasn’t in the cards, here is your chance to own one of the nicest original Jaguar convertibles around for well under the original sticker price. With 27,744 original miles and over $12k in service receipts, this 1992 XJS is a meticulously maintained example of a modern classic. All panels are remarkably straight and free of any notable flaws. Garage kept for its entire life, the original coat of Flamenco Mica paint is well preserved with no signs of aging. Freshly buffed, the depth is impressive and all angles reflect accurately. Overall fit and finish is exactly what you would expect from a car that cost $68k twenty years ago. Gaps are even all around with doors that offer a solid resolute thud when shutting. In keeping with the sleek design, very little ornamentation is present. All original Jaguar trim is in place from the uniquely-shaped headlights back. The windshield is new with clean original glass at the sides. Up top, A clean tan canvas top keeps the elements out. Lift the forward-tilting hood and the 5.3L H.E. V12 comes into view. Designed with input from Swiss racing driver Michael May, this engine used special “May” heads and unusually high-compression to improve fuel economy by nearly 50% over previous Jaguar V12’s. Aside from ported and polished heads and a mild tune, the engine is original and runs fantastically. Backing the V12 is a strong TH400 automatic transmission that channels power to a rear differential packed with highway-friendly 2.88 gears. Naturally, power steering and brakes are also part of the package. Bumps are absorbed through front and rear independent suspension that meets the ground through the original Pirelli tires. Inside, a Doeskin leather interior offers a host of amenities including heated seats, AM/FM/CD changer, air conditioning, power top and more. The seats show minimal wear and the walnut veneer looks new with no visible flaws. Documentation for this car is thorough. A factory brochure and original owner’s manual cover all the finer points of the XJS while a factory cassette player cleaner and two factory CD changer cartridges ensure the stock stereo is complete and fully functioning. This Jaguar XJS is a clean, reliable luxury car with plenty of power and excellent road manners. If you’re in the market for a great fair-weather driver that excels at virtually everything it does, this powerful XJS convertible is your kind of car.

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