1995 Ford Saleen Mustang S351 Tour

This video showcases a beautiful Saleen S351 tour!  Showing just 5520 actual miles, this is one of the lowest mileage S351s in existence. Finished in Laser Red Metallic, it’s a stunning piece of hardware even sitting still. The paint is factory fresh, with a fantastic glow that belies its mass-produced origins. Saleen’s exclusive body kit which is functional in addition to being stylish, was custom painted to match and if there’s any difference in the colors, it can’t be seen with the naked eye. Saleen also included subtle graphics, such as the hash marks on the side and S351 insignias on the hood and rear deck, looking as if they were scrawled there by some prehistoric creature. Blacked-out tail lights and a large rear wing were also part of the package. And, of course, there’s the Saleen exclusive build number below the driver’s side headlight, with this one being #99 out of only 126 built in 1995, and one of only two in these colors. In 1995, Saleen ordered cars without engines from Ford and had them drop-shipped to his Irvine, California factory where they were fitted with heavily massaged 351 cubic inch V8s based on the Ford Lightning. Fortunately, this meant that all the goodies developed for the venerable 5.0 would bolt right on, including heads, cams, intake manifolds, and throttle bodies, although Saleen rarely left well enough alone. The intake, for example, is a Ford Cobra casting, modified by Saleen to increase plenum volume to feed the larger V8—that explains those welds on the casting. The result is a 371 horsepower engine that can smoke the rear tires at will, yet is almost as docile as a stock Mustang, thanks to Saleen’s expert computer tuning. The other big upgrade was a Tremec 5-speed transmission, mandatory with the 351 since the Mustang’s T5 couldn’t handle the torque. Out back, this one also received the optional 3.27 gear in the rear axle, paired with a limited slip unit that tried to manage all that horsepower. Saleen’s specialty has always been suspension upgrades, and the S351 got the full Racecraft treatment, with special springs, shocks, sway bars, and bushings to deliver markedly improved cornering without a bone-jarring ride. High-flow catalytic converters keep it emissions legal, as it had to be to be sold as a production car, and Saleen used their own exhaust system to give it a unique sound. The final detail was a set of gorgeous 5-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels wearing staggered performance radials. The Mustang DNA is perhaps most apparent inside, where the majority of the components were sourced from Ford. Notable upgrades include the deeply bolstered sport seats, finished in grippy black cloth because these cars were designed to run on the track, and a set of Saleen-specific white-faced gauges. The seats also received Saleen embroidery on the seat backs, and the rear seats were upholstered to match, thanks to Saleen’s extreme attention to detail. Fortunately, having the big systems engineered by Ford means that the climate control is powerful, the stereo sounds amazing, and things like power steering, power disc brakes with ABS, power windows, and other details work perfectly and reliably. Saleen also added their own embroidered floor mats, just in case you didn’t notice all the other items telling you this is something special. Beautifully preserved and expertly maintained, this is the kind of car you put away knowing that your investment is going to grow, especially since they remain relative bargains today. Limited production, exceptional performance, and a known history make any car a winner in terms of collectability, and Saleen practically guarantees all of that with their exclusive build system.

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