2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring Quick Look

There are plenty of cars on the market built solely for the sake of future collectability. Regardless of the low production numbers, this Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition is not one of them. One of just fifty produced, this LFA is one of the most exclusive, expensive and impressive cars to ever come out of Japan. The aggressive angular body is made from carbon fiber. Absolutely every piece was designed to cut through the air with maximum efficiency. Sprayed in a glossy coat of Whitest White, it sits around a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer monocoque with aluminum subframes on both ends. Overall, nearly 65% of the LFA’s mass is comprised of CFRP pieces. Cues exclusive to the Nurburgring Edition include the large fixed rear wing, rear brake vents, front dive planes and front splitter. Combined, these pieces serve to increase downforce by nearly a third. With a top speed of 202mph, this is no small consideration. Placed in the hands of Lexus driver Akira Iida, the car turned an incredible 7 minute and 14 second lap at the Nurburgring. That lap makes it the fastest production car to ever run the famed circuit on street tires. At the heart of the car lies a 4.8L V10 producing 562hp and 354lb ft of torque. Developed exclusively for the LFA, it resembles no other engine in the Toyota catalog. In the 3,444 lb car, that translates to 3.6 0-60 times and 11.4 second quarter mile runs when utilizing the launch control feature. Backing the V10 is a 6-speed automatic sequential gearbox operated by paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel. A Torsen limited slip differential sends power to the 20″ BBS wheels. Behind those wheels, massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes bring the car to a halt quickly. Suspension consists of control arms up front with a multilink arrangement out back. Inside, the seats, console and door panels are all wrapped in red Alcantara. Black Alcantara covers the dash and headliner. Entertainment, navigation and vehicle settings are all controlled through the Lexus-exclusive Remote Touch system. Instrumentation is provided by thin-film transistor gauges that change depending on what mode the car is in. Only time will tell if this is a one-time excursion for Lexus or the beginning of a performance legacy. Either way, the combination of rarity, thrilling performance, and untouchable build quality guarantee this Lexus to be a prime piece of tomorrows collector market.

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