2012 McLaren MP4-12C Quick Look

This upgraded McLaren MP4-12C, with its lightweight MonoCell chassis, twin turbocharged V8 and amazing driving dynamics, is one of the most expensive, exclusive and impressive platforms ever unleashed on American streets! In keeping with McLaren’s own “everything for a reason” philosophy, absolutely every piece of this car serves a distinct purpose. Up front, a traditionally low cowl and a small splitter simultaneously reduce turbulence and provide downforce on the way to a 205 mile per hour top speed. Between those elements, strategically placed intakes maximize flow to the car’s air coolers. At the sides of those intakes, big mirrors utilize sculpted undersides to counteract the disturbance they create in the wind. Behind those mirrors, air travels up the car’s lines to a retractable rear wing that creates downforce during acceleration and optimizes braking during deceleration. Below that wing, giant gills turn oxygen 90 degrees and pipe it through dual side-mounted radiators. Between those gills, a flat belly pan and a channeled rear diffuser work together to produce negative air pressure that aids both downforce and rear wheel grip. And above that diffuser, contoured engine ventilation allows the turbocharged powerplant to breathe with the flow of wind and dissipate as much heat as possible. The heart of this world class sports car is a proven Nissan race engine that the pros at McLaren Automotive completely re-engineered, punched out to 3.8 liters and dubbed the M838T V8. In this coupe’s upgraded form, that environmentally friendly mill utilizes twin Mitsubishi turbochargers to turn a stout 17.4 pounds of boost into a phenomenal 616 horsepower and a killer 443 lb./ft. of torque. That power, 80% of which is available just below 2,000 RPMs, translates to 3.1 second 0-60 sprints and 135 MPH quarter mile runs straight off the showroom floor! Backing that small displacement V8 is a McLaren designed, and Graziano built, Seamless Shift Gearbox which is operated via pre-cog rocker shifters that allow better response to human input. Power is sent to the road through an open differential that spins two 235/35ZR19 front and two 305/30ZR20 rear Pirelli P Zeros around forged stealth wheels. When it comes time to turn or slow down, standard power rack and pinion steering, giant drilled rotors and optional red calipers get the job done quickly and effectively. And, of course, all the electronic technology you could ever imagine, including traction and stability control, electronic skid control, brake steer, hill hold, launch control and ABS, is packed in and ready to go! This particular 12C was ordered with a Carbon Black cockpit that’s been upgraded with an optional carbon fiber package resulting in a driving environment that, despite having the luxury to justify its price, is still serious enough to be a purebred sports car. The heated, powered and nicely bolstered seats are, along with the sculpted dash, lightweight magnesium pieces that have been covered in high quality leather. In the center of the console, the car’s active dynamic control panel features a large ignition button, a grid of clean dials that adjust the car’s performance characteristics and push buttons to engage the 7-speed transmission. And in front of the driver a simple and attractive steering wheel, which spins around artistic accessory stalks and the aforementioned rocker shifters, reminds us what it’s like to drive instead of fidgeting with a myriad of audio and cruise control buttons. This 2012 MP4-12C is one of the most impressive sports cars ever created, and it’s guaranteed to redefine its new owner’s definition of “ultimate”.

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