Coffee and Cars Burnouts & Hard Acceleration

This car video was filmed at the April 2014 Cars and Coffee Car Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and showcases several of the burnouts and cars that accelerated fast as they left the parking lot. One car that was not shown in the video even lost control and spun out into on-coming traffic…which shows the dangerous potential of this when drivers are not careful. The Cars and Coffee show had lots of amazing exotic cars, pony cars, custom hot rods and classic cars that came out to the event. This video shows only a small sample of the cars that were on display at this popular Saturday morning car show. This car show is held monthly in Oklahoma City and seems to grow with each event (except for the cold winter months). If you like this ‘OKC Coffee and Cars Burnouts & Hard Acceleration’ video then make sure to give it a thumbs and post a comment below say what you think!

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