Ferrari F8 Tributo Review – A Ferocious 710 Horsepower Supercar

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the replacement for the 488 GTB. Featuring an almost all-new aerodynamically enhanced body and an even more powerful 710bhp twin turbocharged V8, it aims to meld the everyday civility of the GTB with the poise and ferocious pace of the Pista. Could this be the best of all worlds? And does the Tributo name hint at the F8’s possible status as the last of the line for this type of Ferrari and its pure internal combustion engine?  James Disdale finds out on Ferrari’s very own Fiorano test track, then heads out in the hills around Modena to find out.

Ferrari says that the F8 Tributo is essentially a bridge to a new design language that will continue to emphasize Ferrari’s key characteristics of high performance and extreme aerodynamic efficiency.

The front of the car is characterized by the S-Duct, a solution that made its debut on the 488 Pista, but which has been redesigned to suit the extensive modifications made to this area of the car. The result is that the S-Duct alone contributes an impressive 15% to the overall increase in down-force compared to the 488 GTB. The new, more compact, horizontal LED headlights allowed Ferrari’s aerodynamics to incorporate new brake cooling intakes in combination with those on the outside of the bumper, the aim being to improve air flow throughout the entire wheel arch and thereby avoid having to increase the size of the braking system to cope with the car’s greater speed.

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