The Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Does it All!

Join us for this epic test drive of the new fully updated AMG GLC 63 S, including a blast on the Autobahn and testing its off-road capabilities. With the facelift bringing about new technology inside, as well as a sharper look on the exterior, there’s a lot to like about it – perhaps this is even the ultimate one car for doing everything? Let’s find out!

The new AMG GLC 63 S starts off with the Panamericana front grille marking it out distinctively from the various other models including the F-cell. Available in both Coupe and full versions, the GLC is a fairly small form factor SUV that in AMG 63 S version has set an SUV record at the Ring of 7:49. It’s wearing new headlights and taillights and on the inside we can test out the MBUX infotainment system and what it can do via the new screens.

For a driving perspective, let’s experience some countryside, a blast on the destricted Autobahns, and then return to base to go off-road. For the latter we swap into a GLC 350d although the same could be done in the 510hp AMG variants if fitted with the correct optional equipment.
In any case, during the drive the GLC 63 S proves itself as a very worthwhile entrant to the segment. Yes, it carries a high price but it’s a car that’s surprisingly dynamic for its style but it also offers a lot of capability and practicality too.

Expect to dish out at least $83,000 if you want to park a GLC63 S rocket ship in your garage. Is this Super SUV (SSUV) a truly able to do it all? Watch and find out!

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