Vauxhall Monza Concept Car at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Most concept cars are pure fantasy, but Vauxhall says the styling of the new Monza Concept represents its vision of how future Vauxhalls will look, so expect to see some of its design cues in production models to come. Styled by a Briton, Mark Adams, the Vauxhall Monza features sweeping contours that were inspired (apparently) by ocean waves lapping on the shore. Tapering side-sills echo ‘the lean physique and slim waist of a greyhound dog, running as if on tip-toes.’ The roof line is classic coupé, but with an upward sweep at the rear to boost rear headroom and keep luggage capacity at a healthy 500 litres. However, the huge gullwing doors with their lack of any B-pillars are not expected to make production any time soon.

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