Yellow 1998 Ford Saleen Mustang SA-15 Roadster

In 1998, Saleen, Inc. celebrated their 15th year of operations by building ten exclusive Mustangs under the SA15 name. All units sold immediately, making the SA15 one of the most scarce and desirable Saleen cars ever produced. We’re pleased to offer the opportunity to own number five of those ten cars. With just 400 original miles, they don’t get any nicer than this. Looking over this SA15, its pampered life is obvious from fifty feet out. All the original body panels are still in place and every one of them is arrow straight. Drawing on the spirit of Henry Ford, Saleen allowed customers to order these cars in any color they wanted so long as that color was Bright Yellow. The paintwork on #5 still looks dealership fresh with no major imperfections visible. Saleen visual cues include a custom front valance, side skirts, rear valance and custom graphics. This car also features a rounded black light bar and a tall SR-351 wing. As always, the Saleen banner hangs proudly across the windshield. Under the hood, a modular 281 cubic inch V8 serves as the basis. The team at Saleen added a 90 cubic inch roots-type supercharger with a two-stage liquid intercooler. Paired with a custom Saleen tune and performance exhaust system, the engine achieves 320hp and 390lb. ft. of torque good for 4.8 second 0-60 runs and 13.3 second quarter mile passes. Backing that mod motor is a Tremec 5-speed that channels power to a Saleen limited slip differential with 3.55 gears. Suspension is tuned and features Saleen-designed Racecraft front and rear springs, front struts, sway bar and urethane bushings. Braking comes courtesy of a 4-wheel disc setup that included 13 inch rotors with four-piston calipers up front. At the corners, Speedline 5-spoke wheels have been color matched and wrapped in sticky Michelin rubber. Inside this Mustang, a black and white Saleen interior invites you to hop in and hit the nearest road course. With only 400 miles completed, everything about the interior still has that new car feel. The supportive seats wear Saleen SA15 logos as do the floor mats. The steering wheel and shifter are both carbon fiber and the gauges are white-face Saleen units. The protective plastic hasn’t even been peeled off the radio! Documentation includes irreplaceable items such as the Saleen inspection hangtag and most of the original warning labels and advisory tags that are still in their original places. In addition, Saleen cars carry serialized engine bay plaques, console plaques and their production number on the front bumper so you can feel confident you are buying the genuine article. With only ten in existence, the chances to take home a genuine SA15 are few and far between. The chances to take home one with only 400 original miles? Well, this is probably it. Don’t miss the opportunity to make SA15 #5 a permanent part of your collection.

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