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2013 Best Car Resale Values Award

Each year researchers at Kelley Blue Book take a close look at the latest car models to determine which ones they believe will have the best resale value.  This information can obviously come in quite handy for individuals who are in the market to purchase a 2013 car or truck and plan not to keep it for more than a relatively short period of time.  For us, the majority of the cars that KBB included in ...
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2012 Drivers’ Choice Awards Cars

Each year we always like tuning into to Motor Week TV television to see what their car testing guru’s determined as the best cars for 2012 in with their “Drivers' Choice Awards”. We tend to agree with Motor Week’s winners, although right off the bat we are bit unsure about the Kia Rio decision. We recognize that the Kia brand has seen dramatic improvements over the years; but still are not so sure that ...
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2012 Best Car Resale Values Award

Kelley Blue Book researched 2012 car models and has now produced a list of the best resale values.  Most of the brands listed on the informational graphic below are not surprising to us with the exception of Porsche.  This is simply because generally high-end cars, particularly performance cars, depreciate rapidly with only a few exceptions.  Although we hold Porsche in high-regard, we would not have ...
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