2012 Drivers’ Choice Awards Cars

Drivers Choice Awards

Each year we always like tuning into to Motor Week TV television to see what their car testing guru’s determined as the best cars for 2012 in with their “Drivers’ Choice Awards”. We tend to agree with Motor Week’s winners, although right off the bat we are bit unsure about the Kia Rio decision. We recognize that the Kia brand has seen dramatic improvements over the years; but still are not so sure that they can quite match-up with the other 2012 subcompact cars on the market. We agreed most with the Boss 302 Mustang and Ferrari 458 Italia selections which are both absolutely amazing machines. We love Porsches in terms of the way they handle, accelerate and look, but when compared to the Ferrari 458 we don’t think there is any question in our opinion that the Ferrari is just a far more exciting car. Post a comment below and say what you think of the 2012 Drivers’ Choice Awards Cars.


Which modern American muscle car would you rather drive?

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