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Cops and Donuts – Why Do Cops Like Donuts?

  What is the deal with cops and donuts? There's always been an almost comical connection between police officers and donuts. So do cops like donuts or is this some kind of urban myth? Based solely on the photo I took at this Greenwich, CT donut shop one could establish that cops do like donuts seeing as how I caught a police officer eating a donut right as I took the picture. ...
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Motorcycle versus Car Safety

Have you ever wondered how motorcycle safety compares to automobile safety?  Well, the following infographic by Sutliff & Stout reveals some of the differences in safety between a car and a motorcycle.  A key takeaway from this is that while obviously you can get serious hurt or even perish from a motorcycle crash or car wreck, but that chance shouldn't stop you from using your preferred ...
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Brief History of the Ford Mustang

The following infographic shows a brief history of the Ford Mustang car. In our opinion the iconic Ford Mustang makes the short list of the best and most influential cars in American history.  The Ford Mustang was eventually created thanks to legendary Lee Iacocca's detailed vision in 1961.  His dream was for an automobile that cost less than $2,500, has front bucket seats, seats 4 occupants, ...
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