Brief History of the Ford Mustang

History Of Ford Mustang

The following infographic shows a brief history of the Ford Mustang car. In our opinion the iconic Ford Mustang makes the short list of the best and most influential cars in American history.  The Ford Mustang was eventually created thanks to legendary Lee Iacocca’s detailed vision in 1961.  His dream was for an automobile that cost less than $2,500, has front bucket seats, seats 4 occupants, weighs less than 2,500 pounds, is equipped with a floor mounted sport shifter and is less than 180 inches in length.  Since the first Ford Mustang rolled off the line in 1964 it has captivated the American automobile enthusiast and remains a top seller for Ford. We hope that you enjoy the Brief History of Ford Mustang informational graphic below! Post a comment below and show your Mustang love!

History of the Ford Mustang


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