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Intimidating Truck

Cars have been intimidating people since their inception.  When the automobile was first introduced it intimidated many folks that were unfamiliar with the new machines and their capabilities, while others where intimated by their exclusivity that came with early car ownership.  Today automobiles are commonplace, although there still remains a small set of vehicles that intimidate the masses.  Intimidating cars can range from the extremely fast and exotic, to bullet proof military grade beasts and even to massive lifted trucks that that look like they would love to crush your car like Bigfoot or Grave Digger.  Perhaps the most common intimidating car is the police cruiser.  Seeing a police car, such as the new Dodge Charger Police Interceptor coming up in your rear view mirror will make most drivers tense up and move over and behave…at least until it’s out of view.  If you like our Top 10 intimidating cars list then make sure to share with your friends, post a comment and vote in the poll below.


International CXT

Huge Pickup Truck

As the record holder for largest production pickup, this beast costs as much as $110 grand and boasts a whopping 6K pound towing capacity. Although Ashton Kutcher’s ownership of this colossal truck did nothing to add to its tough image, the combination of its massive size, power and price earns it a place on this most intimidating cars list.


Rolls-Royce Phantom

intimidating car

Rolls-Royce likes to claim that this car offers state-of-the-art technology blended with timeless elegance.  Although this may be true, it is also the ultimate rolling status symbol that intimidates the masses with its immense size, gangster grill and shiny chrome throughout.


Lenco BearCat G3 (SWAT Team Vehicle)

swat team truck

The vehicle looks tough because it is tough.  It’s constructed of heavy-duty mil-spec steel that can resist a barrage of .50 cal bullets. Its ground clearance affords it aggressive off-road capabilities. If the emergency lights didn’t make you want to run scared, then perhaps the gun ports, rotating roof hatch with blast shields and remotely operating weapons system supporting up to a MK19 Grenade Machine Gun will.


Lamborghini Aventador

intimidating vehicles

Many enthusiasts would argue that this supercar is one of the meanest looking cars ever built.  Almost everything about it is intimidating from its sharp lines, to its feline headlights, to the fighter jet style ignition and half a million dollar price tag. As Bruce Wayne’s alternative to his Tumbler Batmobile, the Aventador makes a fittingly edgy ride for the gritty superhero.


Dodge Charger Police Interceptor

charger cop car

The Dodge Charger is increasingly becoming the Ford Crown Victoria of the past, which was perhaps the most feared model of car on the road.  The Charger is a rather mean looking car to begin with considering its subtle raked body and glaring headlights.  As the beefed-up HEMI powered police interceptor version slowly becomes the preferred police cruiser, you might want to memorize the headlights to help save yourself a ticket.


Ridiculously Lifted Pickups

lifted ford truck

Yes this deviates from the list’s format of specific makes and models, but we thought this was worth noting.  Although the legal height of lifted trucks varies by state, in most states trucks can be lifted to a menacing level.  In other words, huge lifted pickup trucks can be raised with aftermarket components to a height that can roll over your common-sized car with ease.  You probably want to avoid provoking road rage with the driver of one of these goliaths.


H1 Hummer

intimidating cars

The H1 Hummer’s credentials include playing a heroic part in multiple conflicts and wars around the world.  The H1 Hummer is not only capable of rolling over vehicles like the lifted pickups, they can also forge rivers, climb 60 percent grades, carry over 4K pounds and inflate or deflate the tires on the go to adapt for varying terrain.   Aside from the H1’s rugged looks, its exceptional width of 86.5 inches only adds to its strong intimidation factor.


Bugatti Veyron

2 million dollar car

A car that costs more than the entire block you grew up on offers the kind of intimidation that makes motorists nervously careful when diving or parking near one.  A fender bender with one of these bad boys could set you back a decade’s salary or more.  The “base” Bugatti 16.4 features over 1,000 horsepower and breaks numerous automotive world records.  It is arguably one the most important cars of the past half century.


Buffalo Mine Protected Military Vehicle

intimidating vehicle

Any vehicle from Force Protection Industries is a scary intimidating machine and especially with the Buffalo Mine Protected Vehicle.  This bullet proof behemoth shined in the United States wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Buffalo is equipped with a huge articulated arm used for bomb detection and disposal. Its hull is v-shaped to direct bomb blasts away from the occupants.  This high-tech, ultra tough vehicle is one of the most expensive vehicles in the world with a price tag exceeding $10 million dollars.


Ford GT500E Mustang “Eleanor”

mean looking car

If you’ve seen the 2000 Gone in 60 Seconds movie, then you should be familiar with a little car named Eleanor.  This car was a modified version of a Shelby GT500 Mustang that was given a custom stylish, but aggressive appearance.  The Shelby GT500E is a reproduction of the movie car that packs serious horsepower and the same great intimidating looks.  Unfortunately if you want to buy one then you’re “S.O.L.” since the company that made it was sued for copyright infringement and subsequently shut down.

Honorable Mentions:

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6

Dodge Viper Time Attack

Ford F-650 XUV


Which Vehicle Do You Think is the Most Intimidating (to others)?

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