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Travis Williams has over a decade of automotive journalism and photography experience.  He’s covered everything from How to Properly Change Your Oil to Game Changing Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies. Beyond auto writing Travis relishes opportunities to photograph cars.  Local car shows, international auto shows, race tracks or even interesting automobiles cruising the streets are all fair game for his trained lens.  Travis loves pony and muscle cars above all else, despite never owning one…yet.

Dream Cars: Challenger Hellcat, 2017+ Camaro ZL1 & 1971 Buick GSX w/ Stage 1

25 Funny Car Print Ads

Every day we are practically bombarded with advertisements on TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, magazines, online, in the mail and so on. In an effort to get our attention and cut through the clutter, some advertisers resort to humor tactics.  Although this is especially prevalent with auto insurance and alcoholic beverage companies, automotive manufactures have also been known to come up ...
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Worst Celebrity Car Accidents

Hollywood stars may be talented at singing, dancing and acting, but that doesn’t mean that they know how to drive cars very well! Some celebrity car accidents are infamous, such as James Dean's tragic and fatal car crash. Others are more on the humorous side such as Eddie Griffin wrecking his celebrity friend's expensive Ferrari. We hope you enjoy this celebrity car accidents list. Let us ...
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Wicked SRT Viper Wrapped in Black Mamba Snakeskin

In some cases, a car’s name being literally translated into its aesthetics will come off as embarrassing to both you and your car. Do you really want your Jaguar looking like a giant orange tabby cat? Didn’t think so. That is certainly not the case with the new Black Mamba snakeskin wrap from Identity Design. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but it’s not real snake skin --- that ...
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Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray Comparison Tests

The all-new 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray has been widely praised from sports car enthusiasts to renowned automotive journalists.   In the Corvette comparison test videos below you'll see the editors test this redesigned American sports car legend with some other well respected high-performance cars.  Perhaps not all of these Corvette comparison tests are quite fair since many are ...
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Coffee and Cars Oklahoma City September Car Show Pictures

  Coffee and Cars Car Show Pictures: The OKC Coffee & Cars car show had another strong showing at the September event.  Coffee and Cars OKC saw a wide assortment of cars from high-end half million dollar exotics, a military cargo truck, vintage British sports cars and even tuner imports.  The beautiful thing about Coffee and Cars of Oklahoma City is that you are likely to find ...
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Coffee and Cars Oklahoma City September Car Show Videos

The Coffee & Cars car show in Oklahoma City had yet another strong showing at the September event.  Coffee and Cars OKC saw a wide assortment of cars during the event. The great thing about Coffee and Cars of Oklahoma City is that you are likely to find the kind of cars that you're most passionate about on display.  The car show is held the first Saturday of each month at Northpark Mall ...
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Blacktop Nationals Car Show – Wichita KS

Perhaps the fastest growing Midwest car show event is the BlackTop Nationals which is held annually in downtown Wichita, Kansas.  This year we attended the 4th annual BlackTop Nationals on one of the three days that it is held.  Impressively, the estimated attendance surpassed 100,000 enthusiasts, which is believable considering it was a challenge to photograph any car without people walking ...
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Small Town USA Car & Bike Show

At least once a year hundreds of small towns across America proudly host their local car show.  Small town car shows are usually great fun for all ages.  The car show featured in this article is the annual ‘Downtown Stillwater Car & Bike Show’ in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Considering the City of Stillwater, OK has approximately 50,000 residents, this year’s turnout of over 100 entrants was ...
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Humorous Headless Drive Thru Car Prank

There are a number of car pranks which are hilarious executed on Youtube. One of the most creative and humorous car pranks that we have seen though is the ‘Drive Thru Headless Person Prank’ from ‘MagicofRahat’ Youtube Channel.  This Channel also produces a few other car related prank bits such as the driverless car prank seen in another one of our posts.  The captions in this video are mildly ...
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Coffee and Cars OKC – August Car Pictures

Coffee & Cars has emerged as one of Oklahoma’s top car shows offering a wide range of cars.  Coffee and Cars OKC, (not to be confused with Cars & Coffee events), has automobiles ranging from high-end half million dollar or more exotics to classic hot rods, vintage vehicles and even modified imports.  Whatever the kind of car you are into, Coffee and Cars of Oklahoma City will ...
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