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Travis Williams has over a decade of automotive journalism and photography experience.  He’s covered everything from How to Properly Change Your Oil to Game Changing Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies. Beyond auto writing Travis relishes opportunities to photograph cars.  Local car shows, international auto shows, race tracks or even interesting automobiles cruising the streets are all fair game for his trained lens.  Travis loves pony and muscle cars above all else, despite never owning one…yet.

Dream Cars: Challenger Hellcat, 2017+ Camaro ZL1 & 1971 Buick GSX w/ Stage 1

Coffee and Cars OKC – August Car Videos

Cars & Coffee events are now held all over the country and even abroad in places like Paris, France and Madrid, Spain.   Some U.S. locations of Cars and Coffee car shows include Irvine, CA (Los Angeles area), Scottsdale, AZ (Phoenix area), Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, Hudson Valley (NYC area) and many more.  This article showcases some incredible cars found at the Oklahoma City, OK Coffee ...
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Worlds Most Intimidating Cars

Cars have been intimidating people since their inception.  When the automobile was first introduced it intimidated many folks that were unfamiliar with the new machines and their capabilities, while others where intimated by their exclusivity that came with early car ownership.  Today automobiles are commonplace, although there still remains a small set of vehicles that intimidate the ...
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What Will Future Cars Be Like?

You don’t have to be an avid car enthusiast to contemplate what will future cars be like.  The idea of the autonomous vehicle has all sorts of exciting possibilities for future cars, roads and how we will get from point A to B in the coming years.  The informational graphic provided below shows some of the expected key advantages to cars of the future including being much safer, requiring ...
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EF5 Tornado Damaged Cars in Oklahoma

In terms of weather, May was a pretty bad month for Oklahoma citizens with dozens of dangerous tornadoes bombarding the state.  Two of these tornadoes were especially devastating including one that struck Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th, 2013 and another that tore through El Reno, OK on May 31st.  Although the tornado damage cost from both of these twisters is likely to well surpass 2 billion ...
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The Largest Cars in the World

As we mentioned in our “Are Cars Getting Bigger?” article; numerous cars have been produced throughout history that are considered exceptionally large. The average size of cars has fluctuated over time for an assortment of reasons. The first automobiles were quite petite, but flash forward to the mid twenties and many sedans were remarkably large cars such as the Model J Duesenberg’s that ...
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The Price is Right Offers a Ferrari 458 Spider Prize

The Price is Right addicts love to watch this renowned daytime game show especially for moments when contestants have a chance to win a brand new car.  With the exception of the Tesla Roadster a few years back, the typical new car offered to win on the program is nothing exciting.   Viewers expect to see a base model Toyota Corolla or perhaps a stripped down Ford Escape, but surely not a ...
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Epic Subaru WRX STi Stunt Driving Videos

You may have been one of the tens of millions of people to have seen these amazing Subaru WRX Sti stunt driving videos, but if not then you're in for a treat. Professional race car driver Ken Block expertly drives these modified Subaru WRX Sti cars to their limits. I would love to give some of these stunts a shot in one of these powerful Subaru WRX Sti cars, although I'm sure that I wouldn't ...
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Best Pizza Delivery Driver Cars

In the past I applied to deliver pizzas for the leading pizza restaurant chain (hint: It was founded in Wichita, KS); but I must admit that I have never actually worked as a pizza delivery driver.  Despite this I still believe that I recognize some of the central needs pizza delivery people look for in a vehicle (or would like to have). Unfortunately the ultimate cars to deliver pizzas with ...
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The Fastest Chinese Motorcycle

Chinese motorcycles have become the most popular alternative to several name brands like Honda, Harley Davidson, MV Augusta, BMW and Kawasaki Ninja. Their popularity on the European market is due to their competitive cost. Although, motorcycles from China are not particularly known for their quality before, but this year several motorcycle manufacturers like Zongshen and Lifan have upgraded ...
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Top 10 Cars for Fat People

If you’re thinking of buying a new car but are a bit overweight, then you may want to consider our list of the top 10 cars for fat people as a starting point.  Oh sure we could have been a tad more politically correct and laced this post with “obese”, “overweight”, “plus sized”, “big & tall” or perhaps “metabolically challenged” instead of “fat”, but screw political correctness because we ...
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