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Travis Williams has over a decade of automotive journalism and photography experience.  He’s covered everything from How to Properly Change Your Oil to Game Changing Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies. Beyond auto writing Travis relishes opportunities to photograph cars.  Local car shows, international auto shows, race tracks or even interesting automobiles cruising the streets are all fair game for his trained lens.  Travis loves pony and muscle cars above all else, despite never owning one…yet.

Dream Cars: Challenger Hellcat, 2017+ Camaro ZL1 & 1971 Buick GSX w/ Stage 1

Custom Yellow & Black Bugatti Veyron Spotted in Beverly Hills

The now deceased Bijan Pakzad was renowned as the most expensive clothing designer in the world.  As this video and pictures were taken we glanced into the shop to see a mens sports coat retailing for over $14,000.  With price tags like this its no wonder the man could afford two of the most expensive cars in the world: a Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe and a Bugatti Veyron 16.4.  Both of these ...
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Bloodhound SSC Aims to Beat MPH Speed Records

  Bloodhound: Zero to Sixty in… One Second? So now that it is commonplace for road-worthy cars to reach speeds of zero to sixty miles per hour in less than three seconds, the question has to be asked - where does this stop? In the constant quest by performance car manufacturers to make a vehicle that gets to sixty miles per hour a nanosecond faster than their competitors, there is only ...
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Performance Car Parts Best Seller List

Are You Looking to Increase Your Car's Performance? If so, then you may want to check out this best-selling car parts list which is comprised of some of the most in-demand performance car parts on the market today. This best selling performance parts list uses data gathered from, which has surprisingly, (well to us anyway), become one of the largest automotive parts dealers in the ...
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Google Street View Exotic Car Sightings II

This is the second installment of our Street View Exotic Car Hunt on Google Maps (or Google Earth).  This post features even more exotic sports cars, rare classics and super expensive luxury cars that were all spotted cruising around from the perspective of the Google Maps car.  Even though we have been able to capture over 200 exotic cars on Google Street View; the world is a big place and ...
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Eliica Electric Supecar vs Porsche 911 & Lancer EVO

Believe it or not, electric cars have been around since the late 1800's, but only in the last decade or so has there been a substantial push to produce quality hybrids and electric cars that are halfway exciting. For example, the Fisker Karma and Tesla roadster are two well-known examples of performance electric and gas-electric hybrid performance cars. Although these are respectable ...
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Hallett Motor Circuit Race Track

The Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is located near Hallett, Oklahoma (between Tulsa and Stillwater).  For over thirty years this race course has hosted various go kart, motorcycle and automobile racing events including COMMA and SCCA. There are also a number of clubs that meet at Hallett race track such as local Porsche, Ferrari, Shelby, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Corvette and Viper car clubs.  Perhaps ...
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Review of the DJ Grilles Predator Camaro Grill

CARiD Releases Camaro Predator Grille with DAC Technology Chevrolet’s Camaro has always been America’s sweetheart, and when GM introduced the new 5th generation Camaro in 2010, it was an instant hit, both critically and in dealer showrooms. California-based DJ Grilles has just introduced a stunning new front grille treatment that dramatically transforms the Camaro’s front facade, giving it a ...
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Amazing All Black Murdered Out Cars

You may be a bit perplexed by the title of this post and asking yourself, 'What is Murdered Out?'  Don’t worry this has nothing to do with killing, but rather is simply referring to a specific styling of a vehicle.  A Murdered Out car or truck is one that is all black or “blacked out” as far as the exterior paint, windows tint (usually 20% or less), wheels, logo/emblems and sometimes other ...
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List of Recent Dead, Defunct & Bankrupt Car Companies

Dead car companies have met their demise for a host of reasons. For some dead car companies it was not enough desirable selection, others too much selection and the high costs of marketing all of it, others a myopic focus on producing gas guzzlers as consumers swiftly changed their buying priorities to fuel sippers and still others simply blame the economy. Whatever the reason for the car ...
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2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? Well in case you didn't get a chance, then you missed out on some relatively remarkable car ads this year. We have gathered all of the 2012 super bowl TV car ads for you to enjoy. The Superbowl game is now arguably more enticing to watch for the amazing high budget commercials, then the game itself. Last year the Super Bowl car commercial that stood out ...
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