High Speed & Drifting Ride-Along Experience

Lamborghini Ride Along

The high speed and drifting ride-along with a professional Indy Car driver at the Exotics Racing Experience in Las Vegas, NV was perhaps the most intense automotive experience of my life – and I don’t consider myself to be void of performance car experiences.  The action starts right from the pit area as he does a massive sideways burnout out onto the track in the blue Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 supercar. Before your done scrambling for something to hang onto you are already into the first curve and sliding sideways again with the wide Lamborghini tires failing to find grip under the massive 542 horsepower.  As the pro driver rockets the car through the track, it becomes evident that the other white Gallardo I drove prior was capable of a lot more.  By the time we reached the pit area again, my face was sore from smiling so much and my body tight from the super intense experience. I’d definitely recommend this next time you visit Sin City!


Lamborghini Gallardo Pictures:


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