Suzuki Leaves American Auto Market

Suzuki Usa Bankruptcy

Suzuki Leaves USAAfter 27 years Suzuki throws in the towel on the potentially lucrative American auto market and states that it will soon file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization. This news comes as a result of several years of dismal sales for the brand’s U.S. subsidiary resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Suzuki will remain selling their other product lines that have proved far more successful in the U.S. market including motorcycles, ATVs and boat engines. We see this news as rather unfortunate since Suzuki seemed to have been progressively improving their products quality, performance, and overall value. This was most recently exemplified in the critically acclaimed Kizashi model. Suzuki has over 200 U.S. dealers who will be impacted by this news. Watch the following videos for more on Suzuki Motor Corp’s decision to leave the American car market.

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