10 Best Cars for Dogs

Subaru XV Crosstrek

Volvo XC70

Jeep Renegade

Nissan Juke

Kia Soul

Ford Flex

Prius V

Toyota Tacoma

Ford Mustang convertible

Buick Encore

If you have a four legged best buddy, you want to be able to take them with you. If you are looking at a new ride, consider one of these and make sure your dog approves. These are the ten best cars for dogs. This is the commercial where the human moves his dog buddy from shotgun to the backseat and then the cargo hatch as his family grows. Dogs don’t like this commercial, but do like the XV Crosstrek. Main features are Subaru’s excellent all-wheel drive system for off-road adventures, but without the ride height often associated with capable off-roaders.

Although most humans prefer the XC90 SUV, most dogs of Swedish decent gravitate to the XC70 wagon. This is a quiet, comfortable ride, with enough room to haul all your toys and beds in back. Mileage is pretty good, at 27 MPG highway, and handling is sharp and predictable. Just don’t let Max tell you it’s so friendly he can drive. He can’t reach the pedals. And he’s a dog.

The Renegade is a dog favorite for its off-road ability, without breaking the bank. Renegades start at just under $18,000, and get up to 31 MPG, meaning more walks road trips. The seats fold flat – even the front passenger seat – and dogs are impressed by the rare option of a manual transmission.

The Juke is like a happy mutt, as it can’t seem to figure out what it is and what it wants to be. Dogs like it for the sporty fun ride that makes for spirited, windows down driving. Humans seem to like the compact size, different interior, fun handling, and rather polarizing looks. If some Shih-tzu makes fun of the way it looks, let them know about the 32 MPG and $19,000 starting price. That’ll stop the barking.

The Kia Soul is highly regarded by dogs, even though Kia insists on using enormous hamsters in their commercials. Dogs enjoy the spacious interior for the size, and the fun design that looks like a giant chew toy. Humans will like the interior layout and respectable gas mileage on trips to the park- wait, why are we passing the park? Oh God, the vet!

The Flex is a surprisingly large vehicle and can carry even the largest dogs in comfort. Big dogs love the massive cargo area and fold flat seats. Old dogs love the surprisingly low entry/exit height for such a big vehicle. Fat dogs and dachshunds enjoy the awesome little optional refrigerator that can keep all their treats cool.

Sure, most dogs will say it isn’t very attractive, but the interior room is the reason dogs love the Prius V. The economical wagon starts at under $27,000, and gets a very respectable 44 MPG on runs to PetSmart. The wagon is surprisingly roomy, has tons of storage cubbies, and can hold a large dog kennel, or 87 cat crates for your crazy neighbor.

Mid-size trucks offer nearly all the capability of a full-size truck, but without the penalties. The Toyota Tacoma is one of the easiest trucks to get into, due to its lower ride height versus a full-size. The bed can still accommodate a dog house, and/or several bag of mulch. The Tacoma is a decent off-road vehicle, and can carry all your stuff for camping. Plus, owners call their trucks “Tacos,” and dogs love tacos.

Nothing gets the wind blowing through your hair and fur like a convertible. The Mustang is all new for 2015 and is an all-around great buy. Humans will appreciate the good looks, choice of three powerful engines, and surprisingly decent fuel economy and safety. Dogs appreciate that the rear seats can accommodate large dogs, even while two humans ride up front. The lack of buffeting at speed is also nice on the ears.

This little SUV/crossover/thing has won decent acclaim, and has earned its fairly successful sales numbers. Dogs like the Encore too, for all the usual reasons: low starting price, fairly fuel efficient, and good use of interior space. Dogs, and people, also enjoy the nicely appointed interior, which really stands out in this class. If a dog is your co-pilot, then these are your 10 best cars for dogs. Feel free to bark your opinion at me about what cars should, or shouldn’t be on this list. Throw me a bone, and don’t be ruff about it. After all, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

If you have a four legged best buddy, you want to be able to take them with you. If you are looking at a new ride, consider one of these and make sure your dog approves. These are the ten best cars for dogs.

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